Sunday, August 18, 2013

David Beckham HairStyles

Through the years, David Beckham has become as famous for his hair styles as for his free kicks. A look at some of his more famous "hair-lights": ___ 1990s Still a youngster in 1999 and enjoying his most successful season as a soccer player, Beckham had dyed blonde hair and left it long in the front and short at back. If it was for good luck, it worked because Beckham and his Manchester United teammates won the Champions League, the Premier League and the FA Cup in the same season — the first English team to win the treble.

___ 2001 As the years passed and Beckham became more and more a cultural fixture, the midfielder shaved his head altogether. But his nonhair style didn't last too long.

___ 2002 At the 2002 World Cup in South Korea and Japan, Beckham sported a fauxhawk — or fake Mohawk. It was simple enough to do, letting his hair grow a little over the top of his head and then greasing it up straight, but it sure caught on. The style became a global sensation, and Beckham was the reason.

___ 2003 By the time he was ready to leave England for the glamour of Real Madrid, Beckham was back to blonder and longer hair, looking a bit like Brad Pitt's brother. The long locks didn't last, but they almost certainly gained him even more fans.

___ 2006 His hair got shorter again with time, and darker. By 2006, his hair was cut short on the sides, flared up at the front. Not exactly a fauxhawk, but certainly harkening back to those days.

___ 2007 He made a return to the shaved-head look in 2007, just as he was leaving Europe for a new career in Los Angeles with the Galaxy. Once there, he let the top grow but kept the sides as close as a Marine.

___ 2013 Now with Paris Saint-Germain, the aging Beckham (he's 38) is looking more dapper than ever with his hair combed back over the top his head and few days' worth of beard almost always gracing his lips, cheeks and chin. Often looking more like an English businessman than a sportsman, the grease-backed coif is likely to be his last as a soccer player.

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