Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Hairfuzz : New haircuts and hairstyles for women & men

Today I discover a new website: Hairfuzz helps men and women to search for hairstyles and haircuts that best suit their physical features such as face shape, skin tone, hair colour, etc. Usually Haircuts and hairstyles are used to change your appearence like looking younger or older, you should choose hairstyles suitable for your physical features such as your face shape, hair length, skin colour, hair colour, etc.

Some physical feature can be modified easily like the color of your hair, some you can not modify like your face frame. With the aid of Hairfuzz website, it now more easily to quickly find hairstyles used by models with certain physical attributes, in order to see whether they look attractive and select the ones that could embellish you up in your next visit to the hairstylist.

Did you ever dream you could arrive to the hair salon, pick up your phone and display a given haircut to the hair stylist in order to achieve the perfect look? Hairfuzz tries to make this possible.

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